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Our warm and friendly team looks forward to providing you with the customized treatment and individual attention you and your family deserve. From clear braces like Invisalign® to fixing tooth gaps, we do much more than just fix crooked teeth. Our orthodontist, Dr. Cook's many years of experience and his dedication to orthodontic research allows us to utilize the latest advances and ensures that you will receive the most comprehensive care and beautiful smile possible. Our unique blend of patient-focused care and cutting-edge treatment is unique in our industry and has one goal in mind: to create confidence with beautiful smiles!  We’d love to host you at our offices in Draper, Utah, just minutes from Salt Lake City, or at our Roosevelt location.

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Invisalign & Clear Braces

“Are you wearing braces?  I never knew…”  This comment is something that friends or colleagues of our clients will often make once they have heard about clear braces from Invisalign® on someone’s teeth.  Sometimes orthodontists get more praise for the things that go unseen, and this benefit is important to teenagers.  Please visit our offices in Sandy or Roosevelt, UT to see illustrations of how Invisalign® works.

Invisalign® clear braces are an excellent way to ensure that crooked teeth are straight again and radiant as ever. As experienced orthodontists, we know how to fix everything from tooth gaps to open bite issues.  Please visit our offices in Draper, Utah area near Salt Lake City.

Fixing Crooked Teeth for Teens & Children

Some orthodontists say that working with children can be difficult.  However, it’s not a challenge for our staff because we treat younger patients with a healthy amount of compassion.  At our clinics in Draper and Roosevelt, Utah, we have created an atmosphere that is child-friendly, and thus, much better suited to taking care of these patients.  Our orthodontists have helped to calm some of the most nervous kids in the Salt Lake City area, and we’re proud to put in the extra effort.

Eliminating Tooth Gaps

Tooth gaps or open bites can be embarrassing, painful and cumbersome for people.  We like to move forward with understanding and sympathy for those that bear these burdens.  Fortunately, there is no need to stress, since our orthodontists are researching new techniques, we can assure you that your teeth can look much better than before. We’d love to see you at our Draper, Utah location near Salt Lake City, or our Roosevelt location in eastern Utah.

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